To recieve an official handicap you must submit an Official Recorded Performance (ORP), this could be at;

  • Interschool carnival.
  • Athletics WA meeting. (Friday night competition).
  • National or State championship meeting.
  • Little Athletics meeting.

The ORP must state your performance, distance, venue, conditions, (wind/temperature conditions) & surface (grass, rubber or mondo). You will then be allocated a Professional Handicap (PH) determined by your Official Recorded Performance.

The more details you provide… the more accurate your Professional Handicap will be.

If you provide none or very little details/results, you will recieve a mark that assumes you are very fast. Until we (the handicapper or the stewards) can see you race in person.

The more Professional races you run, the better your handicap will become (unless you win of course!). As your handicap will go slightly further ahead if you lose (depending on how much you lose by). There are not many sports that can say, “When you lose, you actually win!” meaning your handicap improves (possibly to a winning level).

It goes without saying if you win, you go backwards! The amound you go backwards can depend upon your winning margin, time recorded & prizemoney won. Also, if your Personal Best (PB) performance improves you handicap will go backwards as well.

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