WCAL Professional Running Rules


Once entered and their place is confirmed, an athlete must run. If an athlete has a valid reason for not running (e.g. injury, illness or unforseen circumstances) they must notify the chief steward as soon as possible so that if required, replacements may be found. Please note that entry fees will not be refunded. Please contact the West Coast Athletic League if you find you are unavailable to run.  If you do not inform the West Coast Athletic League that you cannot run you will be asked to explain your absence and a fine or suspension may be imposed.

If, on the day, an athlete finds they are unable to run and wish to withdraw, they MUST report to or phone the Stewards at least 15 minutes before the race is due to begin.

If an athlete withdraws during an event (i.e. during repechages etc) they are automatically disqualified from competing for the rest of the day.

Handicap marks

A meet official will place you on your mark. Athletes shall place the leading edge of their starting block at the back of the line denoting their handicap. An athlete who starts off the wrong mark may be disqualified and forfeit all prize money.


– All athletes in events up to and including 200m must use starting blocks.

– In events over 200m and up to and including 550m may use a 3 point start.

– In all events over 550m MUST use a Standing Start

– In any event any athlete who breaks shall be penalised by being moved back from their original mark as follows:

Distances:- up to and including 70m:              ½ m

Over 70m up to and including 200m:               1m

Over 200m up to and including 400m:             2m

Over 400m up to and including 800m:             3m

Over 800m:                                                  5m

– Disqualification from the event shall follow if an athlete breaks twice.

Unsatisfactory performance

Athletes must, at all times, compete to the best of their ability. If an unsatisfactory performance is recorded, an athlete can be fined and/or suspended from competition.   This suspension is upheld Australia wide and cannot be lifted until fines are paid in full

Unsatisfactory performance shall be defined as:

–       an inconsistent performance

–       a performance, as decided by the Chief Steward, which was less than at optimum level and commitment at all times during the event.  (i.e. you must run as hard as you can right to the end, regardless of your placing at the finish or result of the race).

For example, an athlete cannot run a race one week with the intention of recording a slower time to improve their handicap for the next race.

Any athlete who is unable to compete to the best of their ability for reasons of injury, illness or fitness shall disclose this information to the Chief Steward prior to the commencement of their event.

Penalties: The athlete, depending on the severity of the offence, will receive a warning, can be fined (amount depends on a moderate or extreme inconsistency) and/or a suspension (for up to 2 years) from competition. The athlete will forfeit any prize money won. Entry fees will not be returned.

The West Coast Athletic League may impose a fine in such amount as the committee considers reasonable on any person proved to have used obscene, threatening, abusive or insulting language to or concerning any official.

Athlete Conduct While Racing

An athlete overtaking another athlete must always pass the athlete on the outside (unless the athlete being passed is clearly competing wide) and must be two clear metres ahead before taking ground in front of the passed athlete.

Any athlete jostling, pushing, bumping, elbowing, shouldering or shoving during the course of the race, or running across or wilfully obstructing so as to impede another’s progress shall, at the discretion of the stewards, be disqualified and/or fined.

Any athlete who, in the opinion of the Stewards, deliberately looks around at any time during the running of the event in which they are competing may be fined or disqualified.

Dress Code

A singlet top must be worn under the West Coast Athletic League colours. It must have no sleeves protruding. It must be light in colour and have no large logos or signage. Failure to wear a singlet top under WCAL colours may result in a fine, suspension or non-payment of prize money.


In the case of excessive and inconsistant winds, the following formula maybe used to even out the times. WCAL will advise prior to racing if this system will be used.

0m wind = no adjustment

+0.5m wind = add 0.025

+1m wind = add 0.05 to time

+2m wind = add 0.1 sec to time

-0.5m wind = subtract 0.025 from time

-1m wind = subtract 0.05 from time

-2m wind = subtract 0.10 from time

Formula: No matter what the wind reading is you divide it by 2 and then multiply by 0.1 to get the time adjustment. (Eg. If it is a tailwind you add the result to persons time, and if a headwind you subtract it. So… eg. 11sec + 0.6 wind / 2= 0.3 x 0.1 = 0.03 secs = 11.030 sec adj, eg. 11sec + 1.7 wind / 2 = 0.85 x 0.1 = 0.085 secs = 11.085 sec adj, eg 11sec – 1.5wind / 2 = 0.075 = 10.925 sec adj).

Post Competition

Dead Heat or Draw

In the event of a dead heat or draw (same time & placing), WCAL officials may decide to have a ‘run off’ between the contestants or (if possible) place them both into the next round. If there is a draw in the final for first placing, the WCAL officials may request a ‘run off’ between the contestants who drew. If this is not possible, the contestants who drew will combine and split the prizemoney.


Protests shall be made verbally to the Chief Judge/s of an event immediately after the race in dispute that shall report the protest to the Steward/s in charge. The protest shall be confirmed in writing, lodged with the Stewards within 15 minutes and accompanied with a fee of $50, which shall be forfeit if the protest is deemed by the stewards to be frivolous.

It is not permitted to verbally (or by phone) contact or discuss any matters with the Judges, Stewards, Chairman or any of WCAL staff after the event or at any time following. Doing so may result in a fine, suspension or non-payment of your prize money.

Correspondence should be made only in writing and emailed to: The WCAL – or sent to WCAL – PO Box 2551, WARWICK 6024.

Prize Money

If possible, all prize monies will be paid into your nominated bank account within the following week. If a result cannot be determined on the day, WCAL officials will confirm the results and prize monies will be deposited into your bank account at a later date. Any money owed to the WCAL will be deducted before payment of prizemoney.

There is no set period for payment of prize money. The WCAL will endeavour to forward it to you as soon as possible.

A 20% Professional Trainers fee will be deducted from your winnings and forwarded to your registered coach. Your coach must register with the WCAL to be eligable to recieve 20% of the prizemoney. If no coach is nominated, or the entrant does not register themselves ‘self trained’, the WCAL will retain the 20% trainers fee, if unclaimed after a 1 year period.


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