2015 Be Active Mullewa Gift

The only Professional event of the 2015/16 WA Athletics season!


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Burando Hill

are Proud Sponsors of

The 2015 Be Active Mullewa Gift

at the

Mullewa Agricultural Showgrounds, Mullewa WA.



Saturday 29th of August 2015

2015 Mullewa Show Website

Adriaan Pelser was a worthy winner of the 2015 Be Active Mullewa Gift on

He is only 15 but even more remarkably the South African born youngster is now a dual winner as he also won two years ago at 13. To top that off, he was third last year.

His improvement is easy to gauge. In 2013, he was off a 25m start and won in 12.63 seconds.

Last year, his mark was increased to 20m and he was third in 12.65 seconds. This time he was on 16.5m and won in a blistering 12.42 seconds.

That was enough to hold off another promising junior, 16 year old Daniel Cruickshank who was the backmarker (12.75m) and recorded an excellent 12.63 seconds.

Veteran 36 year old Simon Crieghton (16.5m) was third in 12.69 seconds.

“I felt I was in good form and my coach (Paul Edmiston) and I had worked hard on improving my weak points,” Pelser said. “My start wasn’t the best but after that everything went right. “I still have improvement in me and I am hoping to run 11.3 (over 100m) this year.”

Pelser said he felt comfortable about half way through the race and pleased he held on as the line approached.

“At the end I was confident I had done enough but I kept going flat out.”

“You never know, there might have been someone closing in more quickly than I realised so I kept running hard.”

Pelser now plans to concentrate on running the 100 and 200m at the All-Schools Championships and then hopefully the Nationals.

From there, who knows? He has real talent and better still, trains hard. Pelser also won the 70m Jim Wilson Handicap in relative ease coming off 10.75m to beat Rhys Davies (12.5m) and Cruickshank (8.25m).

The Burando Hill 550m Handicap went to Jeremy Hill (82m). He finished strongly to best Brittaney Brymer (110m) while backmarker Chris Punch (15m) was gutsy in finishing third.


2015 Mullewa 120m Gift podium

(from left) Second place getter Daniel Cruickshank, winner Adriaan
Pelser and third placed Simon Crieghton.

2015 Mullewa Gift Winner

2015 Mullewa Gift winner Adriaan Pelser.


120m Be Active Mullewa Gift $2500

70m Jim Wilson Memorial Sprint $1300

120m Be Active Novice Gift $600

550m Burando Hill Gift $600

Also… Junior Boys & Girls 120m Gifts (organised by Mullewa)



#WCALCup #ClubsChallenge

Will be awarded to the team or club who has the most podium placings for the 4 events.

1st place – 3 points, 2nd place – 2 points, 3rd place – 1 point.

Official entries closed on Friday August 14th 2015

Late entries closed onFriday 21st August 2015.

You must be a registered 2015/16 WCAL Member to compete in the professional races (only $10). Valid nationwide.

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Jim Wilson Memorial 70m Sprint

Scott Andrews (CUR), Cody Beattie (CUR), Brittanny Brymer (UWA), Burt Cockley (CUR), Simon Crichton (NBA), Daniel Cruickshank (NBA), Rhys Davies (NBA), Kobi Evans (CUR), Kurt Evans (NBA), Breanna Fallows (CUR), Steven Ferguson (ROV), Jeremy Hill (CUR), Evan Jarvis (CUR), Laura Melis (CUR),  Tegan Maffescioni (SLSWA), Ellie Nagle (CUR), Dylan Panizza (UWA), Adriaan Pelser (NBA), Kiara Reddingius (CUR), Glenn Ross (UWA), Wesley Salisbury (CAN), Imogen Spencer (UWA), Zoe Spencer (UWA), Kaleigh Spithoven (UWA), Virginia Stasyszyn (CUR), Lincoln Taylor (CUR), Carryne Teo (CUR), Natasha Uniewicz (CUR), Sophie Watts (UWA), Eliza Wilson (UWA). 30 – entries.


Be Active

Mullewa 120m Gift

Scott Andrews (CUR), Cody Beattie (CUR), Brittanny Brymer (UWA), Burt Cockley (NBA), Simon Crichton (CUR), Daniel Cruickshank (NBA), Rhys Davies (NBA), Kobi Evans (CUR), Kurt Evans (NBA), Breanna Fallows (CUR), Steven Ferguson (ROV), Jeremy Hill (CUR), Ieuan Hook (KAC), Evan Jarvis (CUR), Laura Melis (CUR), Tegan Maffescioni (SLSWA), Ellie Nagle (CUR), Dylan Panizza (UWA), Adriaan Pelser (NBA), Terry Price (CAN), Kiara Reddingius (CUR), Glenn Ross (UWA), Imogen Spencer (UWA), Zoe Spencer (UWA), Kaleigh Spithoven (UWA), Virginia Stasyszyn (CUR), Jane Stockley (NBA), Kim Taylor (CUR), Lincoln Taylor (CUR), Carryne Teo (CUR), Sophie Watts (UWA), Eliza Wilson (UWA). – 32 entries.

Be Active

Novice 120m Gift

Rachel Bruursema (NBA), Daniel Cruickshank (NBA), Kobi Evans (CUR), Steven Ferguson (ROV), Ieuan Hook (KAC), Laura Melis (CUR), Tegan Maffescioni (SLSWA), Chris Punch (CAN), Kaleigh Spithoven (UWA), Imogen Spencer (UWA), Zoe Spencer (UWA), Jane Stockley (NBA), Carryne Teo (CUR), Natasha Uniewicz (CUR) – 14 entries.


Burando Hill

550m Gift

Cody Beattie (CUR), Jeremy Hill (CUR), Ieuan Hook (KAC), Ellie Nagle (CUR), Chris Punch (CAN), Kiara Reddingius (CUR), Wesley Salisbury (CAN), Virginia Stasyszyn (CUR), Jane Stockley (NBA), Carryne Teo (CUR), Natasha Uniewicz (CUR), Sophie Watts (UWA). – 12 entries.


CAN – Canning Districts Athletic Club, CUR – Curtin Track Club, KAC– Kwinana Athletics Centre, NBA – North Beach Athletics, ROV – Rovers GNJFL*, SLSWA – Surf Lifesaving WA, UWA – University of WA

* Great Northern Junior Football League.


70m Heat 1 12:00pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Wesley Salisbury 6 3 7.98
White Scott Andrews 7.5 2 7.864
Blue Jeremy Hill 9.25 8 8.629
Yellow Adriaan Pelser 10.75 1 7.72
Green Zoe Spencer 12 6 8.286
Pink Kaleigh Spithoven 13 5 8.217
Black Natasha Uniewicz 14 7 8.454
Grey Breanna Fallows 16 4 8.187
70m Heat 2 12:05pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Kurt Evans 6 SCR
White Glenn Ross 7.25 3 8.013
Blue Daniel Cruickshank 8.25 1 7.761
Yellow Laura Melis 11 6 8.525
Green Kiara Reddingius 11.75 2 7.92
Pink Brittanny Brymer 13 4 8.142
Black Virginia Stasyszyn 13.25 5 8.272
Grey Ellie Nagle 14.25 SCR
70m Heat 3 12:10pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Burt Cockley 6 4 7.991
White Evan Jarvis 6.75 3 7.901
Blue Lincoln Taylor 8.25 6 8.345
Yellow Tegan Maffescioni 11 7 8.349
Green Kobi Evans 11.75 2 7.895
Pink Carryne Teo 12.25 5 8.098
Black Sophie Watts 13.75 1 7.885
70m Heat 4 12:15pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Dylan Panizza 5.75 2 7.783
White Cody Beattie 6.25 4 7.97
Blue Steven Ferguson 7.5 6 8.15
Yellow Simon Crichton 10.25 3 7.828
Green Eliza Wilson 11 5 8.101
Pink Rhys Davies 12.5 1 7.733
Black Imogen Spencer 13 7 8.293
Novice 120m Heat 1 12:45PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Daniel Cruickshank 14 1 12.462
White Ieuan Hook 16 5 13.111
Blue Rachel Bruursema 24 7 13.735
Yellow Tegan Maffescioni 25 3 12.854
Green Zoe Spencer 26 4 12.909
Pink Kaleigh Spithoven 28 2 12.666
Black Natasha Uniewicz 28 6 13.129
Novice 120m Heat 2 12:50PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Chris Punch 9 5 13.022
White Steven Ferguson 15 3 12.775
Blue Kobi Evans 23 1 12.614
Yellow Laura Melis 24.5 7 13.533
Green Carryne Teo 26 2 12.685
Pink Imogen Spencer 27 4 12.863
Black Jane Stockley 30 6 13.39
120m Gift Heat 1 1:05PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Kurt Evans 12 SCR
White Steven Ferguson 14 4 12.899
Blue Adriaan Pelser 17 1 12.322
Yellow Brittanny Brymer 23 5 13.301
Green Jeremy Hill 25 2 12.353
Pink Ellie Nagle 29 3 12.76
120m Gift Heat 2 1:10PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Burt Cockley 12 3 13.051
White Terry Price 13 5 13.448
Blue Eliza Wilson 22 2 12.873
Yellow Laura Melis 22 6 13.736
Green Kim Taylor 24 1 12.832
Pink Imogen Spencer 26 4 13.178
120m Gift Heat 3 1:15PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Evan Jarvis 11.75 3 12.768
White Daniel Cruickshank 12.75 1 12.595
Blue Simon Crichton 16.5 2 12.645
Yellow Tegan Maffescioni 22 6 13.36
Green Zoe Spencer 24 5 13.297
Pink Kaleigh Spithoven 24 4 13.189
120m Gift Heat 4 1:20PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Dylan Panizza 9 2 12.857
White Scott Andrews 12 4 13.121
Blue Lincoln Taylor 15.75 8 14.054
Yellow Kobi Evans 22 1 12.814
Green Virginia Stasyszyn 23 6 13.688
Pink Sophie Watts 24 3 12.861
Black Jane Stockley 30 5 13.475
120m Gift Heat 5 1:25PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Cody Beattie 9 4 13.117
White Glenn Ross 12 6 13.389
Blue Ieuan Hook 14 7 13.43
Yellow Rhys Davies 20.25 1 12.835
Green Kiara Reddingius 21.75 2 12.893
Pink Carryne Teo 24.5 3 13.04
Black Breanna Fallows 30 5 13.314
120m Gift Semi-Final 1 2:40PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Dylan Panizza 9 3 12.78
White Evan Jarvis 11.75 2 12.727
Blue Scott Andrews 12 5 13.194
Yellow Carryne Teo 24.5 4 12.857
Green Jeremy Hill 25 1 12.6
120m Gift Semi-Final 2 2:45PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Burt Cockley 12 3 12.901
White Steven Ferguson 14 4 12.926
Blue Simon Crichton 16.5 1 12.614
Yellow Sophie Watts 24 2 12.791
120m Gift Semi-Final 3 2:50PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Cody Beattie 9 4 13.391
White Kiara Reddingius 21.75 1 12.921
Blue Eliza Wilson 22 2 13.1
Yellow Kaleigh Spithoven 24 5 13.417
Green Ellie Nagle 29 3 13.143
70m Final 3:15pm
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Dylan Panizza 5.75 4 7.79
White Scott Andrews 7.5 5 7.86
Blue Daniel Cruickshank 8.25 3 7.76
Yellow Adriaan Pelser 10.75 1 7.6
Green Kiara Reddingius 11.75 6 7.88
Pink Kobi Evans 11.75 7 7.96
Black Rhys Davies 12.5 2 7.7
Grey Sophie Watts 13.75 8 7.98
550m FINAL 3.30PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Chris Punch 15 3 1.16.1
White Wesley Salisbury 30 4 1.16.1
Blue Cody Beattie 40 10 1.24.5
Yellow Ieuan Hook 65 SCR
Green Jeremy Hill 82 1 1.14.60
Pink Kiara Reddingius 98 8 1.18.3
Black Virginia Stasyszyn 105 11 1.32.4
Grey Brittanny Brymer 110 2 1.15.8
Orange Ellie Nagle 110 6 1.16.5
Aqua Natasha Uniewicz 110 12 1.24.6
Maroon Carryne Teo 115 9 1.19.8
Red Stripe Sophie Watts 120 7 1.17.2
Black Stripe Jane Stockley 130 5 1.16.2
Novice 120m Final 3.45PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Daniel Cruickshank 14 1 12.69
White Steven Ferguson 15 6 13.05
Blue Kobi Evans 23 2 12.699
Yellow Tegan Maffescioni 25 5 12.979
Green Imogen Spencer 27 7 13.06
Pink Carryne Teo 26 4 12.889
Black Imogen Spencer 27 8 13.171
Grey Kaleigh Spithoven 28 3 12.712
120m Be Active Mullewa Gift Final 4.00PM
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Daniel Cruickshank 12.75 2 12.631
White Simon Crichton 16.5 3 12.688
Blue Adriaan Pelser 17 1 12.42
Yellow Rhys Davies 20.25 8 14.05
Green Kiara Reddingius 21.75 7 13.054
Pink Kobi Evans 22 6 12.842
Black Kim Taylor 24 5 12.786
Grey Jeremy Hill 25 4 12.716


Form Guide

Scott Andrews (12m) Age: 25yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
Last Pro race was 7th place in 2011 Be Active Mullewa Gift final from 10.25m. 4th place final of 2011 Mullewa Novice 10.5m. 3rd in heat of 2011 Jim Wison Memorial 70m from 5.5m. No recent form but could surprise.
Cody Beattie (9m) Age: 16yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
The WA 100m & 200m State U16 Champion. Runner up in the 2014 Bendigo Bank Hamersley 120m Gift. 7th in heat of George Strickland 120m gift from 12m ran 12.77sec. 5th place 2015 u17 Junior Blues 100m Gift from 3.25m ran 11.59sec. Had outstanding improvement last season. Quality speed should be in with a big chance.
Brittanny Brymer (23m) Age: 21yo Club: UWA Coach: Glenn Ross
WCAL 2014/15 Interstate Athlete of the Year. Beach sprinter and Surf lifesaver finished 7th in 2013 final from 26.5m. 8th in 2014 Kevan Hook 120m gift final from 24.75m. Outstanding effort to win $15000 in 2014 Queanbeyan Women’s Gift. Big win last season.
Burt Cockley (12m) Age: 29yo Club: North Beach Coach: Paul Edmiston
Ex Professional cricket Player with NSW Blues, WACA, Kings XI Punjab (IPL), selected for Australia A and Australian ODI squad. Great athlete with good speed has only been sprinting a few months makes his Professional running debut. Speedy cricketer could surprise.
Simon Crichton (16.5m) Age: 36yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
Veteran Curtin sprinter winner of QLD’s major pro event the 2001 Jupiters 120m Gift on the Gold Coast. 2014 Be Active Mullewa 120m Gift finished 4th place in semi-final from 15.5 ran 13.14sec. Experience could be valuable here.
Daniel Cruickshank (12.75m) Age: 16yo Club: North Beach Coach: Paul Edmiston
Last pro race finished 6th in final of 2015 Kevan Hook Gift from 13m ran 11.53sec. 3rd in final of 2014 Kevan Hook 120m Gift from 15m in 11.7h. 2nd place U17 HLAC 100m gift from 5.5m in 11.21sec. Has genuine speed. Good chance to make final if he has improved over winter.
Rhys Davies (20.25m) Age: 18yo Club: North Beach Coach: Paul Edmiston
2013 Winner Mullewa Novice 120m Gift from 25m in 12.45sec. Back to back 2014 & 2015 Winner George Strickland 120m Gift from 23.5m in 12.15sec. 4th in final of 2015 Kevan Hook 120m Gift ran 11.45sec from 20.5m. Has another good chance for win here with best form.
Kobi Evans (22m) Age: 25yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
Last start finished 7th place in 2015 Kevan Hook 120m gift final from 22m ran 11.71sec. Heptathlete - Competed at national level and placed 5th in Australia, State heptathlon Gold medal 2015, State long jump silver medal, State 100m hurdles bronze medal. Good chance.
Breanna Fallows (30m) Age: 13yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
Winner 2015 Dave Dilley 120m Women’s Gift ran 13.65 from 24m. Last start 4th in heat of 2015 Kevan Hook Gift ran 12.21sec from 30m. Very good chance with improved form.
Jeremy Hill (25m) Age: 17yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
8th place in final of 2015 George Strickland 120m Men’s Gift from 25.5m ran 12.71sec. Last start finished 5th place in heat of 2015 Kevan Hook Gift from 25.75m ran 12.46sec. Could be in final with best run.
Ieuan Hook (14m) Age: 17yo Club: Kwinana Coach: Self
Second place in U/17 Hamersly 100m gift. Have been invited to help coach Kwinana little athletics centre in conjunction with other coaches for the 2015/2016 season. Outside chance.
Evan Jarvis (11.75m) Age: 28yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
Mullewa Gift 120m winner 2003 & 2006. Mullewa Gift 70m winner 2003. 2003 Bay Sheffield 70m Gift (SA) winner. Experienced athlete has had an extended lay off athletics and is now having another crack at the big one!
Laura Melis (22m) Age: 28yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
Long jump state medallist every year from 2008 to 2013. National U23 silver and bronze medals consecutive years in the LJ. Quality athlete makes her pro debut.
Tegan Maffescioni (22m) Age: 27yo Club: Surf Life Saving WA Coach: Lyn Foreman
Australian & World Championships Beach Sprint Finalist & Relay Champion. Unknown form makes her pro debut.
Ellie Nagle (29m) Age: 15yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
Last start finishing 3rd in heat of the 2015 Kevan Hook Gift from 28.5m ran 11.62sec. Competed in 2015 Stawell Gift later that season. Runner up in the 2015 Kevan Hook 550m final with 1.05.30 from 115m. Solid pro performer can always surprise.
Dylan Panizza (9m) Age: 25yo Club: UWA Coach: Glenn Ross
2010 Be Active Mullewa Gift 120m winner & Jim Wilston Memorial 70m winner. Last start Runner up 2015 Kevan Hook 120m Gift 11.41sec from 9.5m. 2013 Bay Sheffield 70m Gift winner. Has the experience if in good shape will be there at the end. Good finals chance again.
Adriaan Pelser (17m) Age: 15yo Club: North Beach Coach: Paul Edmiston
Is the youngest winner in this long gift races history when he won the 2013 Be Active Mullewa 120m Gift from 25m in 12.66sec. Runner up in 2013 Bendigo Bank 120m Gift ran 12.40sec from 24m. Runner up in 2014 George Strickland 120m Gift ran 12.5sec from 22m. WCAL 2014/15 Athlete of The Year. Possibly one of the favourites.
Terry Price (13m) Age: 23yo Club: Canning Coach: Graeme Watson
Pro debut.
Kiara Reddingius (21.75m) Age: 23yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
2014 Australian & English Open Heptathlon Silver Medallist. 2014 WCAL Athlete of the Year. 2013 Bendigo Bank Hamersley Gift Winner from 27m ran 12.21sec. 2014 Melville Invitation 120m Gift from 24.5m ran 12.1sec. 2013 Bay Sheffield Women’s 120m Gift Winner. 2013 & 2014 Leonora 100m Race Winner. Could be another chance to win here.
Glenn Ross (12m) Age: 43 Club: UWA Coach: Self
2013 Ballarat 120m Gift winner. 2012 O35’s Bay Sheffield 120m Gift winner. 2010 Dardenup 70m Sprint winner. 2010 Bay Sheffield Masters 120m winner. Last start finished 5th in heat of 2014 Kevan Hook 120m Gift ran 12.4h from 10.75m. Quality Masters athlete and one to watch if in good shape
Imogen Spencer (26m) Age: 15yo Club: UWA Coach: Glenn Ross
Pro debut
Zoe Spencer (24m) Age: 17yo Club: UWA Coach: Glenn Ross
Pro debut.
Kaleigh Spithoven (24m) Age: 16yo Club: UWA Coach: Glenn Ross
Pro debut
Virginia Stasyszyn (23m) Age: 26yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
Last start finished 6th in heat of 2015 Kevan Hook Gift from 22m ran 12.07sec. On the improve.
Jane Stockley (30m) Age: 21yo Club: North Beach Coach: Paul Edmiston
5th place 2012 Mullewa 550m, 4th place 2013 Mullewa 550m, 4th place 2014 Mullewa 550m, 3rd Rockingham 550m 2012, 3rd Hamersley 550m race 2013, 3rd Hamersley 550m race 2013. WCAL 2013/14 Distance AOTY is knocking on the door and is due for one soon.
Kim Taylor (24m) Age: 50yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
Last start 2015 Kevan Hook gift finished 7th in heat from 22.5m in 12.26sec. Top runner in the 90’s getting back in shape from many years break from training and competition. He is an outside chance
Lincoln Taylor (15.75m) Age: 16yo Club: Curtiin Coach: Matt Barber
8th in heat of first pro start at George Strickland HLAC 120m Gift ran 13.03sec from 15m. 2014 Kevan Hook 120m Gift finished 4th in heat from 15.75m ran 12.2h. Yet to feature in the main pro finals could be due soon.
Carryne Teo (24.5m) Age: 20yo Club: Curtin Coach: Matt Barber
Last start finished 4th in heat of 2015 Kevan Hook Gift from 24.25m ran 11.84sec. Needs best run here.
Sophie Watts (24m) Age: 18yo Club: UWA Coach: Glenn Ross
The 2015 Be Active Mullewa 120m Gift Winner ran 12.41sec from 26m. 2013 Be Active Mullewa 120m Gift runner up from 26.5m ran 12.60sec. 4th in heat of 2014 Kevan Hook 120m Gift and ran 12.1h from 25.75m. May find it tougher but always in good form this time of year and could still be in with a chance.
Eliza Wilson (22m) Age: 21yo Club: UWA Coach: Glenn Ross
2014 Queanbeyan Women’s 70m gift from 10m handicap ran 8.05sec. Queanbeyan Womens’ 120m gift from 9m handicap ran 14.08sec. Chance.

Geraldton News

Friday Aug 22 2015

THE field for the 2015 Be Active Mullewa Gift is shaping as the most exciting in 25 years.

Back in 1990, soon-to-be-Olympian Dean Capobianco was the star attraction but nominations for next Saturday week’s 2015 Gift (Aug 29) suggest this year’s event will rank as highly.

A confirmed starter is defending champion Sophie Watts who was only the fourth female winner of the Gift since it was revived by the Mullewa Agricultural Society in 1986.

Watts, coming off a record-equalling 26 metres, was magnificent last year holding off popular veteran Barry Kernaghan and title holder Adriaan Pelser.

Her desperation in the final frenetic strides of a dramatic race was inspirational. In 2013, she was runner-up but in 2014 nothing short of a brick wall was going to stop her.

Pelser has also nominated and if the South African born sprinter is in any kind of form, he will be hard to stop.

When Pelser won in 2013 he was raw but is stronger now and the handicappers are bound to set him much further back than the 25m they gave him two years ago or last year’s 20m.

Also entered is Burt Cockley, better known as a successful fast bowler for NSW and later WA with 44 wickets at an impressive 28.40.

Cockley, still only 29 and arguably at the peak of his powers as a runner, also intends to contest the Jim Wilson 70m Handicap.

Brittanny Brymer will be another to watch. She won the lucrative 2014 Queanbeyan Women’s Gift last year.

Though Kiara Reddingius won’t be among the favourites, it will be a different story in the Burando Hill 550m Handicap where she will be aiming for a fourth successive win.

Others to watch in the Gift include Rhys Davies, winner of the 2013 and ’14 George Strickland 120m Gifts and WA Under 16 100 and 200m champion Cody Beattie.

Also entered is dual Mullewa Gift winner Evan Jarvis. He won in 2003 and 2006 and though it’s been a while, handicaps are different and his experience might well provide an edge.

Monday Aug 24 2015

A star attraction of next Saturday’s Be Active Mullewa Gift is Burt Cockley.

The 29 year old was a quality fast bowler who in 14 first class games took 44 wickets at 28.40.

He’s looking forward to participating in the 120m handicap  against some of Australia’s best sprinters.

“I’ve always loved athletics and the strength, speed and power sprinters have,” Cockley said.

“I’ve watched the Stawell Gift for as long as I can remember and admired that amateurs compete against the semi-pros and professionals.”

Born in Newcastle, Cockley played rugby league and cricket when young but gradually cricket took over and in 2008 debuted for NSW in the Sheffield Shield.

The next season he was the Blues’ leading wicket taker. Selection for Australia A followed and he was then named in Australia’s One Day squad, on tour in India.

He was in line to play when a monsoon struck and the game cancelled. Bad luck. Really bad luck was to come.

“I came home and spent over four years between first class games,” he said.

“I had stress fractures and bulging discs, two side strains and the worst of all, ruptured my ACL bowling a bouncer.

“That needed four operations as I contracted a staph infection and lost 8kg in 10 days, then had to wait 10 weeks to have the operation again – a difficult time physically and mentally.”

Cockley need a fresh start so moved west and despite the many setbacks, his talent won him a place in the WA team.

But again, injury cursed him. He damaged the meniscus in his knee in a tour game against England and by the time he was fit again the season and it seems his first class career was over.

“I know I could compete at first class level tomorrow but even if I perform really well in grade, I can’t imagine many teams would invest in an injury prone athlete.”

“I take first grade seriously but I’m a lot more relaxed too and grateful for athletics and the chance to try my best at another sport.”

In a handicap such as the Mullewa Gift anyone can win but Cockley is simply looking forward to the experience.

“I don’t know what to expect, all I’m looking forward to is having a great day.

“I’m stronger and faster than when I played professional cricket and my technique and form has progressed a lot under Paul Edmiston.”

Monday Aug 28 2015

Reigning Be Active Mullewa Gift champion Sophie Watts aims to retain her title tomorrow.

The Gift is a handicapped 120m sprint successfully revived by the Mullewa Agricultural Society in 1986.

Watts thrilled the crowd last year as she dug deep to win by under four-hundredths of a second.

She believes she can emulate the modern Gift’s only other back to back winner – John Manus (1993 and ’94).

“I’ve been training for a few months and I’m injury free so hopefully in form,” Watts said.

“I’m 18 now and stronger than last year, technically I think I’m pretty good though I still need to refine my start.”

Watts’ improvement has been noted and she expects a tougher mark than last year’s 26m.

“I think I’ll be around 24m so it will be hard and there are some really good runners this year but my aim is to get to the final and have a crack.”

Another to watch is ex-first class fast bowler Burt Cockley who is loving the chance to again compete at a high level.

“At NSW (with their Shield team) I was joint record holder of the 20m sprint in 2.83s with electronic timing gates,” Cockley said.

“Obviously it’s different with blocks and a starting gun but it will still come down to who best executes on the day.

“It’s similar to fast bowling – you need to put it together every ball and perform under pressure and in sprinting you have one moment but again have to perform under pressure.”

Other contenders include Rhys Davies, a proven item at the distance, WA U16 sprint champion Cody Beattie and 2013 winner Adriaan Pelser.

Gates open at 9.30am. Tickets are $15 for adults and $5 for seniors and children under 16.

Other attractions include monster trucks, quick shears, fireworks, sideshow alley, exhibitions, art show, farm Olympics, baby animals and wildflower show.

The Gift program starts at 12. Other events are a 70m Handicap, Be Active Novice Sprint and Burando Hill 550m Handicap.

– Thanks to Victor Tanti.

Previous Winners


Year First (H'cap) Time Second (H'cap) Time Third (H'cap) Time
2015 Adriaan Pelser (17) 12.42 Daniel Cruickshank (12.75) 12.63 Simon Crichton (16.50) 12.68
2014 Sophie Watts (26) 12.41 Barrie Kernaghan (40) 12.54 Adriaan Pelser (20) 12.65
2013 Adriaan Pelser (25) 12.63 Sophie Watts (26.5) 12.68 Ben Offereins (6.25) 12.73
2012 Alex Glorie (10.00) 12.6 Gemma Grigg (26.25) 12.61 Ben Clark (13)  12.64
2011 Adam Moore (16.50) 12.33 Cole Unasa (8.00) Bryce Teo (8.00)
2010 Dylan Panizza (12.25) 11.98 Brittany Pettit (23.00) Glenn Ross (13.00)
2009 Alex Glorie (11.00) 12.82 Tamati Smith (13.50) 12.83 Grady Horlel (23.00) 12.91
2008 Aiden Jeanes (7.75) 12.25 Cameron Yorke (9.25) 12.45 Kelsey Golding (25.25) 12.57
2007 Julie Choate (26.50) 12.56 Harold Walden (13.00) 12.58 Jared Bezuidenhut (6.50) 12.64
2006 Evan Jarvis (9.50) 12.3 Simon Crichton (8.50) 12.32 Matthew Irvine (27.00) 12.34
2005 Dane Richter (10.50) 12.32 Thierry Xavier (9.00) 12.48 Cameron Yorke (9.00) 12.52
2004 Darren Rogers (6.50) 12.08 Ben Leather (12.00) 12.2 Simon Crichton (8.50) 12.24
2003 Evan Jarvis 12.16 Andrew McManus 12.42 Stuart Flowers 12.44
2002 Rebecca Carr       Trish McDonald Brett Blanco
2001 Kylie Bent (26.00) 12.4 Julie Choate (26.50) 12.44 Brett Blanco 12.48
2000 Cameron Yorke (8.25) 12.68 Eddie Marchent (15.00) 12.7 Rod Buchanan (4.00) 12.72
1999 Rod Buchanon (5.50) 12.52 Simon Paull (14.00) 12.64 Mark Pierce (11.25) 12.66
1998 Trent Hunter (8.00) 12.24 Brian Smith (8.25) 12.52 Darren Boyes (8.00) 12.68
1997 Jai York (8.25) 12.57 Trent Hunter (12.50) 12.56 Troy Davey (9.50) 12.68
1996 Simon Pratten (13.25) 12.52 Trent Hunter (14.50) 12.64 Manesh Pillay 12.72
1995 Rod Buchanan (9.50)   Kylie Reed (22.5) Nick Ward (4.75)
1994 John Manus (9.00)   Paul Edmiston (5.75) Andrew Van der Hoeven
1993 John Manus (9.00) 12.00  Paul Edmiston (10.25) Mark Peters (9.00)
1992 Mark Peters 12.72  Paul Edmiston (12.00) 12.74 Campbell Brown 12.76
1991 Ben Listen (10.50) 12.52 Shaun Mayne 12.66 John Manus 12.68
1990 Dean Capobianco (0.75) 12.46 Mark Peters (12.5) Paul Vogl (14.50)
1989 Nick Ward (11.50)   Dean Capobianco (4.00) John Manus (11.50)
1988 Greg Harvey (9.50)   Rod Mapstone (7.5) Peter O'Dwyer (4.50)
1987 Peter O'Dwyer 11.63  Patrick Papertalk Todd Lewis
1986 Patrick Papertalk 11.89  Carl Green Gavin Carter
2015 Jeremy Hill (82) 1.14.60 Brittany Brymer (110) 1.15.8 Chris Punch (15) 1.16.1
2014 Kiara Reddingius (114m) Nicole Clarke (105) Mark Elms (95m)
2013 Kiara Reddinguis (124m) 1.11.6 Ellie Nagle (120) 1.13.3 Hannah Willox (130) 1.13.9
2012 Kiara Reddinguis (135m) 1.13.92 Isabella Valuri (137) 1.14.28 Sophie Watts (115) 1.14.8
2011 Nathan Caccamo (70) 1.15.48 Courtney Heinz (28) 1.18.0 Ben Knox (80) 1.19.0
2010 Dane Richter (21) 1.16.0 Ben Clark (40) 1.17.0 Marie Decker (105) 1.18.0
2015 Adriaan Pelser (10.75) 7.6 Rhys Davies (12.5) 7.7 Daniel Cruickshank (8.25) 7.76
2014 Jarrod de Rosario (10) 7.69 Adriaan Pelser (11.25) 7.76 Bryce Teo (3.5) 7.78
2013 Maurice Herzceg (6.25) 7.79 Jared Bezuidenhout (5.5) 7.8 Dean Scarff (4.25) 8.81
2012 Bryce Teo (4.75) 7.54 Dylan Panizza (5.75) 7.58 Cole Unasa (5) 7.59
2011 Nathan Caccamo (12.5) Adam Moore (9.25) Cole Unasa (5)
2010 Dylan Panizza (7) 7.38 Cole Unasa (6.50) 7.38 Brittany Pettit (13.25)
2008 Cameron Yorke (5.5) 7.49 Aiden Jeans (4.5) 7.51 Glenn Ross (7.75) 7.67
2007 Paul Speering (9.5) 7.58 Julie Choate (15.25) 7.66 Dane Richter (4.75) 7.8
2006 John Kanaho (6.5) 7.3 Thierry Xavier (4) 7.38 Dane Richter (5) 7.4
2005 Cameron Yorke (5.25) 7.56 Dane Richter (6.25) 7.58 Thierry Xavier (5.25) 7.76
2004 Ben Leather 7.44 Shane Hair 7.46 Brett Blanco 7.48
2003 Evan Jarvis 7.38 Shane Hair 7.4 Brett Blanco 7.42

In the late 1990′s, the Be Active Mullewa Gift was awarded the ‘Professional race of the Year’ title by the AAC (Australian Athletics Confederation).

In 2014 it was awarded ‘Meeting of the Year’ by the WCAL.

With it’s fantastic atmosphere and unique painted grass track, the annual Mullewa Agricultural Show attracts thousands of spectators from around the country.

Known for it’s magnificent spring wildflower display Mullewa is located in Australia’s Coral Coast, just an hour’s drive from the coastal city of Geraldton and 464km north of Perth. Mullewa hosts the only country gift left in Western Australia and the longest running gift in WA history. It commenced in the early 1920′s and stopped at the commencement of World War II, it unfortunately didn’t return again until 1986 when professional runners were officially permitted by the IAAF to run with amateurs.

The Mullewa show has many things to do and see including; Art & craft for the kids, Agricultural and wildflower exhibitions, Sci-tech interactive display, Sideshow alley & fun rides, Show bags, Food & drink stalls, Licenced bar, Agricultural machinery exhibition, Cow Pat raffle, plus other entertainment as well as the exciting professional running events.


School Holiday Athletics Clinic

Age 8-16yrs. October 5th & 6th. WA Athletics Stadium.

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