2017 Hamersley Gift

The West Coast Athletics League (Inc.)


proudly presents

The 2017 Hamersley Gift


Charles Riley Reserve, North Beach




Saturday 25th November 2017.

The Hamersley LAC Professional Gift event is held in conjunction with Hamersley Little Athletics Centre’s Saturday morning program. It traditionally attracts a crowd of around 800+ spectators gathered very close to the action. The events are handicapped giving each competitor an equal chance of winning.

Sponsored by

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Tony Krsticevic MLA – Carine

Plus Special Guest

2017 WAIS ‘Athlete of the Year’ Finalist

Kids can meet and grab a poster & picture between 9.30am-10.30am!





  • Hamersley 120m Gift Open $1900
  • George Strickland 120m Novice Gift $200
  • Dave Dilley 120m Junior U16 Gift $100 + $150 vouchers (FREE ENTRY closed)
  • Tony Krsticevic MLA 550m Gift $350

Novice meaning – never won a Pro race final before.


9.05am- Athlete Marshall at starting line.
9.15am- George Strickland 120m Novice Gift Heat 1
9.20am- George Strickland 120m Novice Gift Heat 2
9.45am- Hamersley 120m Gift Heat 1
9.50am- Hamersley 120m Gift Heat 2
9.55am- Hamersley 120m Gift Heat 3
10.00am- Hamersley 120m Gift Heat 4
10.30am- Dave Dilley U16 Junior 120m Gift Final
10.40am- George Strickland Novice 120m Gift Final
10.50am- Hamersley 120m Gift Final
11.05am- Tony Krsticevic MLA 550m Gift Final
11.15am- Presentations


As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations the winner of this year’s 2017 Hamersley Gift will receive FREE entry and qualification into The 2017 Bay Sheffield Men’s or Women’s Gift (in Adelaide) on Dec 28th. They will also receive travel and accommodation subsidy (up to $800). T&C’s apply see entry form.
You must be a registered WCAL member ($40 valid nationwide) to enter this event. U16 Junior Gift entrants DO NOT need WCAL membership but MUST enter through the WCAL entry process below.

Late entries CLOSED Friday 17th Nov.


Zhoya on his way to the 131st Bay Sheffield after winning the 2017 WCAL Hamersley Gift !

Saturday 25th November 2017 was a perfect sunny day on the Hamersley Little Athletics ground for another superbly organised West Coast Athletics League pro-running event.

The special Hamersley pro gift celebrated the 30th anniversary of the WCAL with the major prizes attracting a range of extra talented athletes all determined to give a serious go at grabbing the free ticket to the Bay Sheffield Pro gift event in Adelaide on December 28th.  But when it comes to a big prize, young back-marker Sasha Zhoya decided it was his to get! He made his mark from the start by winning his heat from a 7m mark (in 11.96) toppling Heptathlete Virginia Stasyszyn (12.17) on the finish line. They both decided to do a repeat at the final with Stasyszyn taking second place to Zhoya while other Heptathlete and last year’s runner up Kobi Nichols settled for third.

Two WA Masters athletes were in the finals with Mark Elms missing the podium by the smallest margin and Colin Smith ecstatic to be amongst the best!

Hamersley 120m Gift Open Placing: 1 Sasha Zhoya (7m) 11.84; 2 Virginia Stasyszyn (25.50) 12.24 ; 3 Kobi Nichols (20m) 12.31 ; 4 Mark Elms (26m) 12.33; 5 Adriaan Pelser (11m) 12.37; 6 Colin Smith (21.75) 12.41; 7 Kiara Reedingius (19.50) 12.43; 8 Taylor Sharpe (7.50m) 12.52.

In a tight finish and an impressive last 15m sprint by Iuan Hook, coached by Jason Moyle, who took out the Tony Krsticevic MLA 550m Gift from an 80m mark with WA Master athlete and Paraburdoo resident Mark Elms taking second place off 88m. Connor Desselkoen, coached by Matt Barber finished in 3rd place from 55m.

Placing: 1 Iuan Hook (80m) 1’10”8; 2 Mark Elms (88m) 1’11”4; 3 Connor Disselkoen (55m) 1’12”2; 4 Adam Hall (44m) 1’12”3; 5 Colin Smith (88m) ; 6 Emily Parker (120m) 1’12”5; 7 Virginia Stasyszyn (130m) 1’12”9; 10 Eleanor Disselkoen (100m) 1’15”3.

Upcoming Pro Runners fought hard and tight to get their print on the George Strickland 120m Novice Gift, but it seems Virginia Stasyszyn’s talent got the better of them all as she flew through the finish line in a time of 12.03, followed closely by WA Master Tony Johnson coached by Darren Rogers, then back marker Taylor Sharpe.

Placing: 1 Virginia Stasyszyn (25.5m) 12”03; Tony Johnson (19.5m) 12”22; Taylor Sharpe (7.5m) 12”45; Joshua Jones (11m) 12”47; 5 Gin Ang (25m) 12”78; 6 Iuan Hook (17m) 12”81; 7 Scott Andrew (9m) 12”96

Young guns displayed a show of promising talents in the U16 Dave Dilley “Keep On Running” 120m Gift with 15 years old Joshua Jones starting from far back at 0m and winning in a time of 13”60. Taylar Cruttenden, coached by Russel Mathanda and wearing the white singlet finished in second place in a time of 14 flat off 5.25m while Fred Le Messurier settled for third.

Placing: 1 Joshua Jones (0m) 13”60; 2 Taylar Cruttenden (5.25m) 14’00; 3 Fred Le Messurier (20m) 14”09; 4 Imogen Herrington (17m) 14”60; 5 Holly Fraser (16.5m) 14”31; 6 Skye Lankerster ( 8.5m) 14”56; 7 Eleanor Disselkoen (7.75m) 14”60

It was an absolute ripper of a day and a fantastic 30th Anniversary celebration! We congratulate all athletes, and wish the best of luck to Sasha Zhoya in representing WA at the Bay Sheffield later on this year. The Bay Sheffield Gift will be LIVE streamed.

Novice 120m Heat 1 9:15am
Colour Name Mark Lane Place Time
Red Taylor Sharpe 7.5 2 12.47
White Scott Andrews 9 4
Blue Joshua Jones 11 3 12.52
Yellow Michael Tomic 14 SCR
Green Skye Lankester 20 5 13.12
Pink Virginia Stasyszyn 25.5 1 12.03
Novice 120m Heat 2 9:20am
Colour Name Mark Lane Place Time
Red Duncan Bradbury 8.75 5 13.69
White Rhys Alliex WH SCR
Blue Adam Hall 13.25 4 13.16
Yellow Iuan Hook 17 2 12.78
Green Tony Johnson 19.5 1 12.28
Pink Gin Ang 25 3 12.8
120m Gift Heat 1 9:45am
Colour Name Mark Lane Place Time
Red Sasha Zhoya 7 1 11.96
White Adam Kopp 8.5 4 12.39
Blue Michael Craggs 9.25 7 12.76
Yellow Joshua Jones 11 5 12.5
Green Adam Hall 13.25 8 13.31
Pink Connor Disselkoen 15 6 12.67
Black Tony Johnson 19.5 3 12.27
Grey Virginia Stasyszyn 25.5 2 12.17
120m Gift Heat 2 9:50am
Colour Name Mark Lane Place Time
Red Taylor Sharpe 7.5 2 12.54
White Duncan Bradbury 9 8 14.02
Blue Leigh Edwards 10.5 7 13.41
Yellow Adriaan Pesler 11 1 12.51
Green Darren Rogers 13.5 4 12.74
Pink Taylah Cruttenden 17.5 6 12.76
Black Eleanor Disselkoen 22 5 12.75
Grey Gin Ang 25 3 12.72
120m Gift Heat 3 9:55am
Colour Name Mark Lane Place Time
Red Bryce Teo 8 5 12.72
White Scott Andrews 9 6 12.98
Blue TJ Callas WH SCR
Yellow Glenn Ross 12.5 4 12.67
Green Amy Tolcon 14 7 13.05
Pink Simon Crichton 16 3 12.59
Black Kobi Nichols 20 1 12.44
Grey Colin Smith 21.75 2 12.47
120m Gift Heat 4 10:00am
Colour Name Mark Lane Place Time
Red Dylan Panizza 8.5 5 12.48
White Jovan Hubana 9 6 12.52
Blue Evan Jarvis 10 3 12.44
Yellow Said Shah 11.75 4 12.46
Green Kiara Reddingius 19.5 2 12.43
Pink Ellie Nagle 23.5 SCR
Black Mark Elms 26 1 12.29
Grey Barrie Kernaghan 40 7 12.69
Dave Dilley U16 Gift Final 10:30am
Colour Name Mark Lane Place Time
Red Joshua Jones 0 1 13.6
White Taylah Cruttenden 5.25 2 14
Blue Eleanor Disselkoen 7.75 7 14.6
Yellow Skye Lankester 8.5 6 14.56
Green Emily Parker 15.5 8 14.62
Pink Holly Fraser 16.5 5 14.31
Black Imogen Herrington 17 4 14.28
Grey Fred Le Messurier 20 3 14.09
George Strickland Novice Gift Final 10:40am Novice Final
Colour Name Mark Lane Place Time
Red Taylor Sharp 7.5 3 12.45
White Scott Andrews 9 7 12.96
Blue Joshua Jones 11 4 12.47
Yellow Adam Hall 13.25 SCR
Green Iuan Hook 17 6 12.81
Pink Tony Johnson 19.5 2 12.22
Black Gin Ang 25 5 12.78
Grey Virginia Stasyszyn 25.5 1 12.03
WCAL Hamersley Gift Final 10:50am
Colour Name Mark Lane Place Time
Red Sasha Zhoya 7 1 11.84
White Taylor Sharpe 7.5 8 12.52
Blue Adriaan Pelser 11 5 12.37
Yellow Kiara Reedingius 19.5 7 12.43
Green Kobi Nichols 20 3 12.31
Pink Colin Smith 21.75 6 12.41
Black Virginia Stasyszyn 25.5 2 12.24
Grey Mark Elms 26 4 12.33
Tony Krsticevic 550 Final 11:05am
Red Adam Kopp 0 8 1.13.7
White Sasha Zhoya 20 SCR
Blue Evan Jarvis 40 4 1.12.3
Yellow Adam Hall 44 SCR
Green Connor Disselkoen 55 3 1.12.2
Pink Duncan Bradbury 56 SCR
Black Kobi Nichols 76 9 1.17.0
Grey Kiara Reddingius 80 SCR
Brown Iuan Hook 80 1 1.10.8
Purple Ellie Nagle 86 SCR
Red Stripe Colin Smith 88 5 1.12.4
Black Stripe Mark Elms 88 2 1.11.4
Blue Stripe Eleanor Disselkoen 100 10 1.15.3
Yellow Stripe Emily Parker 120 6 1.12.5
Green Stripe Virginia Stasyszyn 130 7 1.12.9


Dave Dilley U16 Junior 120m Gift

A top quality junior gift race with the scratch backmarker Joshua Jones (0m) facing stiff competition from multiple junior state sprint champion Taylah Cruttenden (5.25m) making her pro debut. They both have tough competition from the 2017 Mullewa Gift Champion Eleanor Disselkoen (7.75m). Australian U14 sprint hurdles champion speedster Skye Lankester (8.5m) should also feature in this race.

George Strickland Novice 120m Gift

The runners are looking to win their first pro gift with the main action coming from Taylor Sharpe (7.5m) making his pro debut. Scott Andrews (9m) looking to improve his 4th place in the 2017 Novice & 70m Jim Wilson Mullewa final. Skye Lankester (20m) and Virginia Stasyszyn (25.5m) should feature from the out markers. Iuan Hook (17m) was runner up in 2015 Junior Gift may look to surprise and Tony Johnson (19.5m) finished 4th in this race last year.

WCAL Hamersley 120m Open Gift

15yo Backmarker Sasha Zhoya (7m) looks to be the red hot favourite to win if he can bring out his best sprinting form. Taylor Sharpe (7.5m), Bryce Teo (8m) and Dylan Panizza (8.5m) are all hoping to outmatch his speed to also claim victory. Mid marker action should come from equal favourite Evan Jarvis (10m) and veterans Darren Rogers (13.5m) with Simon Crichton (16m) another big chance. The women’s chances may lay with multiple WA sprint champions Amy Tolcon (14m) and Taylah Cruttenden (17.5m) and the 2013 Hamersley gift winner heptathlete Kiara Reddingius (19.5m). Watch for out marker Barrie Kernaghan (40m) as he has won before off 39.5m (2015 Melville Gift).

Tony Krsticevic MLA 550m Open Gift

Scratch marker and favourite Adam Kopp (0m) will look to defend his 2016 title, it will take his best effort. Multi-talented 2017 Mullewa 550m Gift winner Sasha Zhoya (20m) deserves respect in this race as a quality runner. Mid marker action is with triple Mullewa 550m champion Kiara Reddingius (80m) and her team mates Kobi Nichols (76m), Eleanor Disselkoen (100m) and U18 State 400mChampion  Ellie Nagle (86m). Also watch out for the 2015 Melville 550m Gift winner Mark Elms (88m) and fellow veteran Colin Smith (88m). Out markers Emily Parker (120m) and national heptathlete  Virginia Stasyszyn (130m) could feature heavily too in this tough speed endurance race.


2016/17 season winners

Top 3 placings in each final will be awarded 3, 2 & 1 point for their respective clubs. Points are totaled and the winning club will be presented the 2017/18 WCAL Championship Shield at the Annual Awards function after the conclusion of the season.


Curtin: 24
Melville Roar: 7
Masters WA: 4
AWA: 4
Perth Track & Field: 3
North Beach: 2
West Track: 2
University of WA: 1
Tracksters: 0



26th, 27th & 28th December 2017- SAAL

The SA Athletic League is pleased to announce that the 2017th Bay Sheffield, being the 131st running of the iconic South Australian event, will be a 3 DAY event.
Racing on the 26th will start from around 3:00pm and go for an estimated 2-3 hours.
120m heats of the Over 35’s, Under 14’s, Under 18’s and Little Athletics on the first day.
Draft Race Schedules and Prize Money can be viewed here https://saal.teamapp.com/events
For enquiries please contact the SAAL office at saal@internode.on.net or 08 8443 6177

Hamersley 120m Gift Winners

Year        Name                H/Cap        Time

2016: Rhys Davies (22.5m) 12.11sec – Hamersley 120m Gift
2015: Rhys Davies (22.5m) 12.24sec – George Strickland Men’s 120m Gift
2015: Breanna Fallows (24m) 13.64sec –  Dave Dilley Women’s 120m Gift
2014: Rhys Davies (23.5m) 12.15sec – George Strickland Men’s 120m Gift
2014: Amy Tolcon (11m) 13.36sec – Dave Dilley Women’s 120m Gift
2014: Heinrich Rass – (16.5m) 12.09sec – Hamersley 120m Gift
2013: Kiara Reddingius  – (27m) 12.214sec – Hamersley 120m Gift
2012: Isabella Valuri – (28m) 12.26sec – Hamersley 120m Gift
2011: Tenneille Triggwell – (27.25m) 12.09sec – Hamersley 120m Gift
2010: Mathew Short – (10.5m) 12.40sec – Hamersley 120m Gift

Tony Krsticevic MLA 550m Gift Winners

Year        Name                H/Cap        Time
2016: Adam Kopp (20m) 1.13.80sec
2014: Ellie Nagle – (125m) 1.05.6sec
2013: Jesse Huria – (125m) 1.09.92sec
2012: Isabella Valuri – (125m) 1.07.06sec
2011: Kirstie Morrison – (157m) 1.04.00sec

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