2017 Hamersley Gift

The West Coast Athletics League (Inc.)


proudly presents

The 2017 Hamersley Gift


Charles Riley Reserve, North Beach




Saturday 25th November 2017.

The Hamersley LAC Professional Gift event is held in conjunction with Hamersley Little Athletics Centre’s Saturday morning program. It traditionally attracts a crowd of around 800+ spectators gathered very close to the action. The events are handicapped giving each competitor an equal chance of winning.

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Tony Krsticevic MLA – Carine

Special Guest appearance by Australian Athletes

Sarah Edmiston – F44 World Championship Discus Bronze medalist


Ella Pardy – T38 Paralympian 4x100m Relay Bronze Medalist

You can meet and grab an autograph/photo with our national HERO’S!




  • Hamersley 120m Gift Open $1900
  • George Strickland 120m Novice Gift $200
  • Dave Dilley 120m Junior U16 Gift $100 (FREE ENTRY register below)
  • Tony Krsticevic MLA 550m Gift $350

Novice meaning – never won a Pro race final before.


8.20am- Athlete Marshall.
8.30am- George Strickland 120m Novice Gift Heat 1
8.35am- George Strickland 120m Novice Gift Heat 2
9.00am- Hamersley 120m Gift Heat 1
9.05am- Hamersley 120m Gift Heat 2
9.10am- Hamersley 120m Gift Heat 3
9.15am- Hamersley 120m Gift Heat 4
9.45am- Dave Dilley U16 Junior 120m Gift Final
9.55am- George Strickland Novice 120m Gift Final
10.05am- Hamersley 120m Gift Final
10.20pm- Tony Krsticevic MLA 550m Gift Final
10.30am- Presentations

Entries close Friday 10th of November 2017.

You must be a registered WCAL member ($40 valid nationwide) to enter this event. U16 Junior Gift entrants DO NOT need WCAL membership but MUST enter through the WCAL entry process above.


2016/17 season winners

Top 3 placings in each final will be awarded 3, 2 & 1 point for their respective clubs. Points are totaled and the winning club will be presented the 2017/18 WCAL Championship Shield at the Annual Awards function after the conclusion of the season.


Curtin Athletics Club: 17
Melville Roar: 4
North Beach Athletics: 2
University of WA: 1


26th, 27th & 28th December 2017- SAAL

The SA Athletic League is pleased to announce that the 2017th Bay Sheffield, being the 131st running of the iconic South Australian event, will be a 3 DAY event.
Racing on the 26th will start from around 3:00pm and go for an estimated 2-3 hours.
120m heats of the Over 35’s, Under 14’s, Under 18’s and Little Athletics on the first day.
Draft Race Schedules and Prize Money can be viewed here https://saal.teamapp.com/events
For enquiries please contact the SAAL office at saal@internode.on.net or 08 8443 6177

Previous Hamersley 120m Gift Winners:

Year        Name                H/Cap        Time

2016: Rhys Davies (22.5m) 12.11sec – Hamersley 120m Gift

2015: Rhys Davies (22.5m) 12.24sec – George Strickland Men’s 120m Gift

2015: Breanna Fallows (24m) 13.64sec –  Dave Dilley Women’s 120m Gift

2014: Rhys Davies (23.5m) 12.15sec – George Strickland Men’s 120m Gift

2014: Amy Tolcon (11m) 13.36sec – Dave Dilley Women’s 120m Gift

2014: Heinrich Rass – (16.5m) 12.09sec – Hamersley 120m Gift

2013: Kiara Reddingius  – (27m) 12.214sec – Hamersley 120m Gift

2012: Isabella Valuri – (28m) 12.26sec – Hamersley 120m Gift

2011: Tenneille Triggwell – (27.25m) 12.09sec – Hamersley 120m Gift

2010: Mathew Short – (10.5m) 12.40sec – Hamersley 120m Gift

Previous Tony Krsticevic MLA 550m Gift Winners:

Year        Name                H/Cap        Time

2016: Adam Kopp (20m) 1.13.80sec

2014: Ellie Nagle – (125m) 1.05.6sec

2013: Jesse Huria – (125m) 1.09.92sec

2012: Isabella Valuri – (125m) 1.07.06sec

2011: Kirstie Morrison – (157m) 1.04.00sec

2010: No Race

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