New Handicapper

The West Coast Athletics League (Inc.) is pleased to announce Leon Burckhardt as our new handicapper. Burckhardt is currently and has been the South Australian Athletic League (Inc.) handicapper for several years and is widely regarded amongst the pros as Australia’s best. His first WA job will be the 2017 Hamersley Gift on November 25th.

The decision was made under the Australian Athletics Confederation (AAC) guidance’s push for a unified handicapping system nationwide and major gift races in all states. It is the first major move by a state pro league towards that goal.

“This is a huge step in the right direction. Our board is very excited to move towards a National System” Say’s former pro runner and WCAL Treasurer Paul Edmiston. “We are very keen to further our close relationship with the other state pro leagues. Now runners will be off the same (or a very similar) handicap when they run interstate”.

The unified national move also hopes to alleviate farcical attempts made by rebel outfits in the future.

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